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Isoelectric Focusing

Isoelectric Focusing

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Swine Insemination



Life sciences undergo rapid changes in technology and methods. It is the task of SINUS to adapt to the changing needs of scientists while maintaining consistently high standards in the supply of quality products. SINUS is known for its range of antibiotics, buffers, dyes, enzymes, media, detergens, pharmaceutical  auxiliaries and many other high-quality reagents from A to Z.

In the area of electrophoresis, particularly isoelectric focusing, SINUS is a producer of special reagents such as SinuLyte™ carrier ampholytes,   SinuTab™ enzyme tablets and GelGrip™ films. Furthermore SINUS specialises in the development of high quality boar semen extender. Our products DiluPorc™ BTS+ and DiluPorc™ Long Term are characterised by outstanding quality, which was demonstrated in several tests and applications from hog farmers, AI stations and independent institutes.

We at SINUS pledge to continue providing quality products at a fair price, delivered with personalized, responsive service, and supported by years of technical know-how.