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GelGrip™ supporting sheets for acrylamide gels

GelGrip™ is made from polyester film. One surface of the film is chemically activated, providing covalent binding to the acrylamid layer. The gel will adhere to the GelGrip™ film not only during electrophoresis but in all subsequent staining and fixing procedures. Thus, it supports the gel layer, maintaining exact shape and size (no shrinking, no swelling, no tearing).

For documentation, the film-bound gel can be air-dried just as easily at room temperature to result in a transparent film, ideally suited for storing the original gel in the laboratory notebook or scanning it for electronic date processing. GelGrip™ for covers is used to protect the surface of a cast gel from drying out but also prevents the gel from adhesion.


  • GelGrip™ can be cut into every desired size
  • GelGrip™ is stable to temperatures up to 110 °C
  • GelGrip™ shelf life time is 24 months if stored dry and dark.
  • GelGrip™ is transparent to UV light above 310 nm wavelength


Ordering Information Cat. No. Quantity
245 x 125 mm 681001 50 sheets
260 x 125 mm 681002 50 sheets
260 x 203 mm 681003 50 sheets
265 x 125 mm 681004 50 sheets
265 x 193 mm 681005 50 sheets
265 x 213 mm 681006 50 sheets
200 meters x 193 mm 681008 1 roll