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Artificial Insemination with DiluPorc™ - Boar semen extender


Civilizations throughout the world continue to depend on pig meat as an important food source. Approximately 40 million metric tons of pig meat are consumed annually worldwide. Pig numbers (940 million) and consumption have increased consistently with the increasing world population.

In the past 50 years, research-guided genetic selection and nutrition programs have had a major impact on improving carcass composition and production efficiency in swine. The use of artificial insemination (AI) in Europe has also had a major impact on improvement in the past 35 years.

Semen extenders that permit the use of fresh semen for approx. 3 days post-collection are largely responsible for the success of AI in pigs worldwide. So called long-term extenders that show stability of the semen for more than 10 days are becoming more and more significant.

Our products DiluPorc™ BTS+ and DiluPorc™ LongTerm are characterized by outstanding quality, which has been demonstrated in several tests and applications from hog farmers, AI stations and independent institutes.