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DiluPorc™ BTS+ - Boar semen extender

DiluPorc™ BTS+ is a boar semen extender for preservation of boar semen. The powder dissolves easily in water and is then ready to use. It achieves a semen conservation time of 4-6 days depending on the AI systems that are established by the user.

High-active gentamycine sulphate prevents bacterial growth. Selected buffer salts and osmotic-active substances guarantee constant ion strength and conductivity, that are responsible for active metabolism of the sperm cells.

We offer 1-liter bags and several bulk quantities (5 liter, 10 liter and 100 liter).

Please ask for other packing sizes if required.





Dilute in 1 liter lukewarm (30-36°C) demineralized, sterile water. Once dissolved use sterile tools and objects only. Dissolve at least 30 minutes and no more than 24 hours prior to use. Rate at which sperm is diluted depends on quality and concentration of sperm used. Rates of dilution of 1:2 (1 part sperm plus  1 part diluent) up to rates of 1:10 (1 part sperm plus 9 parts diluent) are recommended. Avoid high discrepancies in temperature of sperm and diluent (max. 1°C). In order to determine the exact concentration of the sperm we recommend carrying out a photometrical measurement with a spermio-densitometer / colorimeter.

We recommend storing the diluted sperm in a thermobox at 16-18°C.



• Reception and selection of high-quality chemical raw components
• Each lot is tested for pH, osmotic pressure, conductivity and heavy metals
• Finally each lot is tested for appearance and motility
• Antibacterial impact in an in-vitro application test
• Lot no. and expiry date are printed on each batch




Ordering Information Cat. No. Quantity
DiluPorc™ BTS+ 95060 on request