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DiluPorc™ LongTerm - Boar semen extender

DiluPorc™ LongTerm is a swine semen extender that Sinus Biochemistry & Electrophoresis GmbH started to produce 2 years ago.

This product has been developed by combining high-purity chemicals with a special protein mix, saccharides and phospholipids, which are natural components of swine sperm serum.

The major focus of our work was to replace the widely used bovine serum albumin (BSA) with a superior product that is not isolated from bovine blood.

The composition of the product creates an optimal biochemical environment for swine sperm cells to maintain an optimal energy level and full cell integrity.


The source of energy of DiluPorc™ LongTerm for sperm cells is based on purified glucose, but it contains also a modulator of energy metabolism, allowing the maintenance of motility and maximum performance in the long term.

The buffering action of DiluPorc™ LongTerm is due to a strong buffering chemical and to the protein present in the protein mix. This maintains the pH at a level to assure the integrity of sperm cells and that of the extra cellular medium for normal functioning.

Specific ions present in the powder have a chelating action and neutralize ions that can damage cell membrane structure or can start a premature acrosome reaction.

Minerals and other salt components assure an optimal osmotic pressure for sperm cells to maintain membrane integrity and cell function.

DiluPorc™ LongTerm contains the antibiotic gentamycine sulfate, which is highly purified and corresponds to the requirements of the pharmaceutical regulations of USP and E.P.

The most powerful component of DiluPorc™ LongTerm is the protein mixture, which has several unique properties:

    It helps in maintaining osmotic pressure
    It helps in maintaining optimal pH
    It binds toxic substances that are secreted by bacteria
    The antioxidant properties protect sperm cell membranes against oxidation

Swine sperm cell membranes contain many phospholipids that are vulnerable to lipid oxidation. This oxidation causes damage to the sperm cell which may lead to leakage of metabolites and enzymes that are essential for proper functioning of the sperm cell and fertilization.

The protein mixture due to its high molecular structure is also able to bind toxic proteins resulting from metabolites of dead sperm cells.

We suspect that binding of toxic metabolites from dead sperm cells and bacteria are an important factor in maintaining good-quality sperm and high fertilization rates.

This will be the subject of further study.


Experimental data

DiluPorc™ LongTerm proved to be superior to standard BTS extender as judged from the results of motility determinations over a period of 10 days.

A summary of part of our experimental data is presented below.


Month born


No. of A.I.s

Farrowing Rate

No. of Pigs

May 06



92 %


June 06



91 %


These results indicate that DiluPorc™ LongTerm is a very promising extender.

Although motility of sperm cellsdoes not always go hand in hand with fertility, these data prompted us to continue research with artificial insemination (A.I.) experiments.

Overall, we can say that good-quality sperm can be maintained for 6-10 days.

The A.I. experiments using DiluPorc™ LongTerm were carried out in a well-known A.I.insemination centre;more details on inquiry from Sinus Biochemistry & Electrophoresis GmbH, Heidelberg.

Other in-vitro tests have been performed in the lab of Dr. Burghard Stähr at Institut für Fortpflanzung landwirtschaftlicher Nutztiere Schönow e.V., Bernauer Allee 10, D-16321 Bernau bei Berlin.

DiluPorc™ LongTerm showed excellent results compared to the reference standard. More details on inquiry.


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